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Waddington Interiors are experienced in working with developers to realise the full potential of their residential developments. Work begins with an assessment of the market place and identifying the target market for the residential units – the design will vary depending on whether units are, for example, aimed at young professional couples or families, so it is important to identify this at an early stage. We will work with the design team throughout the project and would suggest being brought on board at outset when layouts are in production to allow the interior design to be integrated from the start. Without wanting to be critical of architects at all, they are often more focused on planning and external design matters in the early stages and less so on the interior spaces. This is where we can really add value- creating the maximum wow-factor or most efficient use of space for each unit, in a truly bespoke process.


Stage 1 – Layouts

We will commence by working with the architects to review the layouts of the units, imagining how somebody would live in the space and considering the flow and connectivity of rooms. Storage and services requirements can often be over looked in developments and are clumsily placed as an after-thought into corners of rooms, but these are key items when it comes to selling the units. We will work with the design team to ensure every piece of kit has its place, and cleverly carve up the area to provide well thought out spaces for the future purchasers. Furniture layouts are added to understand the sense of space and assist with electrical layouts, and can ultimately be used for marketing purposes.

Dev Resi Layout 1
Dev Resi Layout 2

Stage 2 – Design

The balance of design versus neutrality is key in a good development project – we will ensure that units are designed with enough personality to attract potential purchasers, whilst leaving people the opportunity to ‘add their own stamp’. Depending on the type & size of the project, we may suggest an individual design per unit, or a ‘type’ approach where units are grouped on the basis of size, budget or architectural features – this approach will be bespoke to each development. We will also work with kitchen and bathroom designers to provide well designed spaces, tailored to each unit and offering potential purchasers an attractive and high quality environment. We work closely and collaboratively with the Design Team and hope that our involvement helps to turn good projects into extraordinary ones.

17602 HW Spec Sheet Update Sept 17 - Design Types v3.indd


Waverley house apartments


Dev Resi Design 3


Stage 3 – Construction Period

After the design process is complete works can commence on site. During this time, we will regularly attend site and oversee the works to track progress and resolve any site queries. We will be on hand all through to construction completion, and can continue to assist with any post contract works.



Comprop appointed Emily and the Waddington Interiors team to undertake the interior architecture and design on our latest residential project. The scheme has been lead by Emily and backed up by her very capable colleagues all of whom have brought a high level of expertise and detail to this high value project. The work undertaken has enhanced and provided quality to the development which in turn translates into additional value for the potential purchasers. We have no hesitation in recommending Waddington Interiors.

Steve Marie, Managing Director, Comprop (C.I.) Limited


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