• DATE 2014


Private Residential, Private Residential, Landscape

This project combines the renovation and restoration of a classical Georgian property in Jersey with the replacement of a tired 1970's extension by a modern one. The single biggest difficulty we encountered was gaining planning permission for the two storey extension.  We could have very easily settled for a single storey extension which would have made the planning process more straight forward, however our client was keen to construct a master bedroom at first floor level, offering great views, so we pursued the two storey option. It was very challenging however, but through careful attention to detail and design, as well as producing excellent CGI’s, we were able to convince the planners that the two storey structure was going to compliment the house, as opposed to challenge it. There is a subtle reference to the stucco detailing of the main house in the contemporary detailing of the new addition, and the delicate frameless glass link provides a ‘light touch’ in the connection between ‘new and old’. The colour, texture and material palette for the main house are reflected in the new addition but using an architectural approach which reflects the age we live in and the technical building components that are now available. A combination of material similarity and high performance components helps ensure both architectural harmony and that the occupants benefit from a comfortable home which allows them the maximum benefit of the spectacular setting and views. Both floors are set within a landscaped terrace setting, and the new extension was designed to blur the distinction between the interior and exterior of the property. Large sliding doors have been installed on the ground floor of the extension and the same floor finishes have been used on the terrace and inside the house so the outside flows into the interior of the house and vice-versa. We do not feel that our new addition needed to mimic the classical language of its adjoining sibling, but should be confident and contemporary in its approach. 

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