Les Verrieres Apartments (Formerly Hotel des Pierres)

Architects, Large-Scale Residential, Private Residential

Les Verrieres Apartments (Formerly Hotel des Pierres) We were asked to replace a tired hotel and its surface car parking, with a new apartment scheme with a basement car park. The are 10 apartments, including the penthouse duplex, and 20 car parking spaces. We recognized that a traditional approach could be successful, but quickly rejected the temptation to base the design narrative on the few typology precedents available in Jersey like a ‘mill complex’ or a ‘warehouse’, which would have both been incongruous in this sensitive setting. Instead we opted for a project which was generated from three pitched roof elements set within the unusual triangular shaped site. The benefit of these forms is that they allowed three main elements to face the sea view and then three staggered gables to unfold with the view of the bay as you approach it down the hill towards the bay.

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