Large-scale Residential, Landscape, Master Planning & Urban Design, Roof Gardens

COLLEGE GARDENS Built in two phases 1888 and designed by the prolific architect Adolphus Curry, the former Jersey College for Girls has an impressive classical façade. The front lawn originally had the island’s only grass tennis courts and nowadays is surrounded by mature listed trees and robust granite walls. 187 new homes will be built, including those in the significantly internal remodelled and converted listed building. Our landscape and architectural worked together closely, so that the landscape design integrated with and was complimentary to the architecture. The design includes the restoration of the Protected Open Lawn in front of the historic building, careful pruning and upkeep to the listed trees, an limited surface car parking. ‘Livability’ is a key theme to the whole project, so we have designed many useful features and ‘community hubs’ including a shared garden gym, renovation of the bequeathed Greek Theatre adjacent to the lawn, a gazebo, table tennis and games tables and a secluded reading pavilion. Softened by thoughtful planting, College Gardens provides campus-style, attractive urban living, within a secure ‘walled-garden’ environment, which is only a short walk from central St Helier.

College Gardens Flythrough (Copy rights: The Observatory and JDC)
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