• DATE 2013

5-6 Esplanade

Offices & Commercial, Architects

5-6 Esplanade Waddington Architects were commissioned to take over this office redevelopment project in July 2013, and were able to gain planning consent for a more efficient floorplate design, with increased net lettable floor area and better daylight. Our client wanted to use granite for the facades, to minimise maintenance and convey a sense of material quality. We considered a conventional approach to the fenestration but were concerned that the use of granite to the whole elevation might appear visually ‘heavy’ and materially excessive, so we began to explore an abstracted version of the façade, where the granite elements were arranged more informally, giving a sense of ‘lightness’ and ‘movement’. The requirement for two main entrances, to accommodate multiple tenants, gave us the chance to play with the use of curved glass and curved granite and create the sculptural illusion that they were ‘tearing and peeling’ away from the flat façade

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